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From 2nd A: Sofia Aman, Gisela Caballero, Laura Plané, Samanta Pesántez and Rocío Sánchez for their story: “The Red Game”
From 2nd B: Lucía Carmona, Lara Escribano, Gledia Osmeni and Alejandro Ramírez for their story: “My Dream Came True”
And from 2nd C: Diego Ramirez, Dídac Manero, Sergio Martín and Elena Jiménez

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Sopa de lletres

Crossword stories 2017/2018

2nd ESO A

The Red Game A
(Sofia Aman, Samantha Pesántez, Gisela Caballero, Laura Plané i Rocío Sánchez)
Once upon a time there was a gang of three friends who called themselves Logan, Sergio and Salva.
They were in their car when they suddenly found a kid called Nil in the middle of the road, with a letter in his hand. They were afraid that it was not true but Logan decided to take the child and put him in the car. The child was scared and he handed them the letter which contained the explanation of the red game.
It consisted on looking for a special and unique door, where there was a very gentle man who would explain the phase of the sun. The phase of the sun consists on the search for ten keys that will be in a bus, and the end of the game will be in a box that will have one of the keys.
At that time Sergio was trying to talk to Nil to get some information. Logan started driving while Sergio and Nil fell asleep and Salva tried to see if he saw any door following the address indicated on the back of the letter. They arrived in a lost city, then Nil told them that there was a war in the city, they woke Sergio and got out of the car. Logan had no choice but to go down the first and open one of the doors of the house. They already knew there should be a man, but there was nobody and they were only listening to some footsteps. Sergio shouted hello and someone answered, a gentle man came down the stairs and explained the sun's phase to them, but he told them that if they did not arrive before midnight they could not discover the secret. They arrived at a place where there was a sun drawn on the floor, they all sat down except Nil. He was left alone. Nil saw the bus and Sergio went in search for the keys.
After they all went to find the box on the bus and on top of the box there were some tests to find the correct key. The tests were that they had to pronounce a word in Russian, then Salva had to do a test where he had to run a lot until he came to a tree, with a lesson to open the box. After trying almost all the keys, Logan found the right key and opened the box. There was a letter in the box, when they opened the letter, the letter said that Nil was Logan’s son.
Everyone was surprised,  Nil had a handkerchief from his mother with her perfume to remember her. After some time "Logan was very happy that Nil was his son. Salva and Sergio did not believe that Nil was the son of Logan. He gave a thousand thanks with much love and finally said “I found my father”.
                                               The end
The Nonsense Story A
(César Jáuregui, Michael Sauch, Miguel A. Orihuela, Randy Valencia i David Caballero)
In a special moment three friends of a magic land joined in a quest. This gang was very intelligent and they could see everything. The men loved food very much. In another place a kid was thinking “My dad is very loving with my mom”.
Last Saturday the boy ran because he likes running. After he played a football match. He also played basketball and then with letters he created a word. Then his parents and he went to the spa on daddy’s car. The next day he loped the grass of his house. Antonia was his best friend. But the last day she told him “You are just a man, not a sir”.
He is very fan of the pop but he thinks it’s full of bullshit. He plays basketball and football but he isn’t a fan of Volleyball. I had a shower and the window became blurred. After the shower I went to prune my garden. My cat is on the television. Their son took his mother’s bra out of the cupboard.  After taking a med I drank some water.
The sun is very long. The end of the world is coming! He see his cat on top of the television.
The end

My Trip to Lanzarote A
(Irene Celma, Carolina Alarcón, José Antonio Cortés i Simranjit Kaur)
We were at the train station in the morning with my family. We went to Lanzarote, I was very happy. From the hotel we saw the sea, the rooms were very tidy and the tiles shining. My cousins and I played on the beach. The beach was very long and the sun was shining. We met my friends Logan and Lara, they are very friendly and very especial for my. We introduced them to my cousins. I Love Lanzarote, the beaches are the best in the world. We visited the mills of Lanzarote. We used the map of the island we had.
In the evening we went to the football match to watch sport. The match was fun and it was full too. It was one of the best moments of my holidays.
At night we went to an art museum. We saw a big red picture which was beautiful just for me, because my family didn’t like the picture and we saw other pictures made with words as well.
After the museum, we went to the hotel and behind the door there was my dad wearing a tie, he was very elegant, he scared me. We went to the restaurant and at the end of the dinner we had a party, at the end of the party I saw a very tall and big man, he was scary and we left the party. The next day I couldn’t get up.
The end
Stupid dream A
(Lisselot López, Joan Anglès, Gabriel Gámez, Biel Ferrer)
The son died on the beach because he had an insolation. His father dug into the ground and buried him. Later, the sun burned to 36 degrees and in the house the mother and father were crying.
Then, they went to have dinner to a restaurant. The restaurant was called ‘Bull’s Dinner’. The menu of the restaurant was very nice.
Suddenly, a dog appeared. It was wounded and the family took him to a vet. At the vet there was an ant sitting on the sofa. Vets are funny. At night they saw a cat doing sport.
In the fest there was a con and it was ugly. Then there were three quiet trees. The boy cramed a girl and she hit his face. In the house there were ten very big doors broken.
The next day, the son died and lost a special lesson by the police in his institute. At the funeral, a man wore a long and red tie. He didn’t say any word, he was just behind the parents. When the mom was out the funeral, the man went with her, and he was friendly. He managed the women well.
They were talking a long of time, then he showed her a deal, it was about a lost land, apparently she was the owner.
The end

2nd ESO B

My Dream Came True B
(Gledia Osmeni, Lucía Carmona, Lara Escribano i Alejandro Ramírez)
My name is Candela. When I was a little girl, I dreamed that I was marrying a king, the perfect man.
The first moment I saw him in the forest with his beautiful red shirt, I felt very happy.
So I approached him and I felt something special. We started being friends, suddenly we heard a noise behind a tree. We were scared and went to see what was behind. Suddenly, we saw the head of a crow. We started laughing, like three years old kids.
The next day, the sun was shining more than usual. I went to see him at his palace but I didn’t see him anywhere so I looked through one of the palace windows and I saw him next to a beautiful girl. Thanks to that, I realized that I would never be able to become a queen. When I arrived home I locked myself in my room until I realized that it was night. I thought I was going to spend a very long night.
The next morning, in my house I heard someone knocking on my door. I opened the door to see who it was. It turned out that she was the maid of the beautiful king. I invited her in, I offered her something to drink and we started talking. She told me that she saw me looking through the window and she also saw me becoming sad because of what I thought I had seen. She explained to me that the girl who was at his side was nobody but his cousin.
After talking to this kind maid, I realized that I did not do the right thing by leaving the palace that way. So, I went back there to explain what had happened and he received me accompanied by his cute pet.
When I saw them approaching me, I went quickly to hug him and after telling him everything that happened, he declared his love to me.
He asked me what I thought about it and he asked me my opinion. I told him that I felt exactly the same and he asked me to marry him, I said yes and we were happy forever.
At the end I managed to become his queen.
The end
Rush with the past A
(Ruth López, Paula Escrich, Alba Salvador, Iván de Pablo i Eric Domènech)
The day I arrived at home, I met my owner, called Peter. It was an especial day, I had someone to share unforgettable moments.
The first day was sunny. We went for a walk, we went to visit the city of Paris. I saw more dogs. Then I met a very beautiful dog, her name was Sky.
She was very friendly, happy and she wasn’t boring. Every day we saw each other in the park.
One day, my owner decided to move to another country. I was very sad because I wouldn’t see Sky again. The last day we were in the city, I saw Sky and told her that I had to go to another country.
Three months later, we went back to Paris to visit our family. I recalled the moments with Sky a thousand times.
In the afternoon my owner abandoned me. I was very angry and sad because he didn’t love me.
I decided to go to the park to find my girl. She was there with her owner. Her owner saw me and adopted me and she took me to her house.
We lived very happily ever after.
 The end

A Trip to Miami
(Flor Pan, Alexis Llorente, Jürguen Revollo and Cristian Gonzalo)
One year ago one boy, John, won a free trip to Miami. The trip was for two people so he went with his mum. They arrived at night and only had time to go to the bar to have a cheap dinner.
The next day they went to the beach. John was laying on the sun. On the beach he met three people who were playing football. They were very friendly with the boy. They lost the football and sent John to search for it.
At night all of them went back to the hotel and to the restaurant to have dinner. The mum invited the three boys, which had no money.
The hotel caught fire and John couldn’t meet his friends or her mother but he could check the rooms and he found a little boy with whom he fell in love. He was a special boy, Tim. Two hours later the two boys found the rest of the group and the mom. And the police discovered the responsible of the fire who had to pay a fine of 50,000,000,000 USD. The man had learned the lesson.
The last day John returned home with his mum and his boyfriend. By not having money they went back hitch-hiking. They waited for two hours until a red car stopped. They did not eat all day but luckily for the mother the driver of the red car had food to spare and gave some food only to her because he was a homophobe and had learned that the two boys were boyfriends. When they arrived home, they welcomed the boy to their home and they were all very happy together.
The end

We against him
(Camila Paredes, Erika de Abreu, Katy Sanchez, Iván Mercado i Dani Sanz)
Over time, I realized that life should be valued. I am very happy, I had very good friends. They were very friendly, we were always together and we played. We always planned to go to New York, share good times, have a Youtube channel and be fashionable. But our dream changed when we met a very stupid and nice guy, Christian. Everything was fine until the mon,  we learned the truth th of May...
Nobody knew anything, we all went out with him, he treated us like everyone wanted, he made us feel special. Even though we were best friends, nobody said anything, since he always said: '' You're just my little one. I do not want others to get into our relationship. ''
You are only mine, I said it all the time. Two months later I started asking him why he did not want them to find out, he always said the same thing, "I do not want anyone to find out about us, they can talk bad about us, and I do not want to end with you. You're just my little one. '' I was saying it again.
Whenever we went to parties away from me, and more when my friends were, I thought that began to embarrass our relationship, it will be how she was dressed. I changed my clothes for him.
In the magazines they always put something about gender violence, I read them all, it seemed to me that
The end


Day 60 

I ​was a ​happy​ and ​friendly​ girl until a ​sunny​ day when I escaped from home. ​I'm sorry, I told you a ​lie and​ ran​ away. I ​was walking down​ the​ street, when ​I realized that I got lost and a black car showed upjust​ beside me. ​ Suddenly, ​one​man​  wearing ​a suit​ and a tie​ appeared. He began to ​hit​ me and he forced  me to get into the car. ​In​ the car ​at​ that​ moment​everything went quiet​ and I sat in ​silence​ and I ​didn’t dare to ​tell​ him anything​ or to​ resist at all. Inside​ there​ was  another​ man who was driving​ that seemed to ​be​ very ​old​ . ​We​ started to drive away from the city. We went on a long​ road and came to a forest ​full​ of ​trees.​Behind​ a big ​fir, ​there was a small house ​and they​ quickly put me inside and took me to the basement where they locked me in ​with​ another ​kid​. Later ​he​ became a very ​special friend​ to ​me​. In the basement there were ​a​ lot of doors and windows locked ​with padlocks.  

Day 61 

Some days later, at ​night​, Steve, my friend, ​died​. A​t that moment I started to feel very lonely and I remembered ​you​ and ​mom​. I ​had​ such a good time ​playing​ with him.  

Day 62 

I ​still​ miss him. I ​can’t​describe with ​words​ the love that I had for him. I leave this letter in one of the pits hoping someone will find it because I don’t know when they'll come for me and they'll kill me. ​I have written this to document  ​these​ last few months of torture and so that you know what I have been going through. I love you, brother. 

Written by: Luna Carcedo, Erik Domènech, Laura Marín and Paula Rodríguez , students of 2nd ESO C


Once upon a time there was a girl from Madrid, her name was Amelia. Last year, she travelled to the UK to visit her sister, Lucy. One night the girls went to the disco. At the party they saw Tom, Lucy’s boyfriend. When Tom and Lucy were dancing, Amelia went for a drink and when she was at the bar, a boy talked to her. The boy’s name was Axel.

-Hello- he said.
-Hi- answered Amelia
-What’s your name? Pretty- said Axel.
-Do we know each other?- said Amelia
-I don’t but I’d like to!
-Ok. My name is Amelia.
-My name is Axel. Nice to meet you!
-Sorry, I have a date with another person- said Amelia

Lucy and Tom came back with Amelia before she left, and they told her:
-Wow, Amelia. I see you’ve met Axel. Axel is the most popular boy in the University. He is the football team’s captain. -said Tom.
- Yes, I’ve just met him – said Amelia.
- Tomorrow, we are having a barbecue at my house. Do you want to come by Alex?-asked Tom-
- Nice. –said Tom

After an hour, Lucy and Amelia left the party and come back to Lucy’s apartment in a blue car. After that, they went to bed. Tomorrow it will be a long day.
 In the morning, they went to the barbecue at Tom’s house. At three o’clock they had lunch. For Lucy, the Barbeque was just another activity, but for Amelia it means more than this, for Amelia this was a special day. She ate a steak and some sausages with potatoes. In the afternoon, when she was talking with her new friends, behind a tree, she saw Tom talking with Axel. When Axel realized that she was observing him, Amelia turned around and left Tom's house. Axel followed her along a narrow street and they started to talk while walking. After thirty minutes, they discovered that they were very similar. One week later, the trip finished and Amelia returned to Madrid but before, they had exchanged numbers. When Amelia was in Madrid, she followed her daily routine. A month later, when she was working in a cafe, a customer came in. When she looked at him, she was surprised, it was Axel. He explained to her that he had moved to Madrid to continue his studies in the IE Business School. When she finished work, they talked for many hours, and they became best friends.
Written by Diego Ramírez, Dídac Manero, Sergio Martín and Elena Jiménez

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Sant Jordi 2018

Aquí trobareu els textos premiats aquest curs. Esperem que en gaudiu!

Llengua catalana 

2n d'ESO 
El nen de les estrelles , Lisse López

3r d'ESO 
Cada matí, en despertar,   Paula Vázquez

4t d'ESO 
Desesperança, Prahpreet Singh

1r batxillerat
Carta a Tirant lo Blanc, José Rego 

1r batxillerat humanístic
L’esclau grec, José Rego

Llengua Castellana

 1r d'ESO 
Poema, Ani Bodokia

2n d'ESO
 Gledia Osmeni
3r d' ESO 

Ana Lechuga
4t d'ESO  

Memoria de los viejos tiempos, Fran Boronat
Cuando te dije te quiero, Laia García
1r Bachillerato      

Sabor añejo de la carencia, Sergio Loza 

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Soy yo, yo hundiéndome en páginas de un cuento,
O tal vez es un profundo océano,
Lleno de peligros y misterios que me ayudarán a definir el final de mi relato como persona.
O simplemente piedras que hoy duelen y mañana solo serán un castillo por el cual he convertido lo malo en lo bueno.
Soy yo, viendo como las hojas perecederas del árbol caen como las lágrimas que brotan de mis ojos.
Soy yo, yo destruyéndome lentamente y cayendo de nuevo, sin ninguna mano para agarrarme.
                               Ani Bodokia de 1r B